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Fee Schedule

Monthly Service Fee No Charge*
   *Low Limit Fee below $5 minimum balance (per month) $2.00
Per Check Fee None
Excess Transfer Fee Under Reg. D (each) $5.00
ACH / Draft / Bill Pay Return / Overdraft Fee $27.00
Share Draft Return / Overdraft Fee $27.00
Stop Payment ACH / Draft / Bill Pay (one item) $10.00
Stop Payment (range of drafts) $20.00
Interim Account History (printed per page) $2.00
Share Draft Copy (available free online for 90 days) $6.00
Share Draft Order Price varies according to style
Credit Deposit Verification $5.00

Annual / Monthly Service No Charge
Withdrawals and Transfers (each over 4 per month) $.75
Deposit No Charge
Balance Inquiry No Charge
Replacement Card $5.00
ATM Opt-In Overdraft Fee $27.00


Return Mail Fee $1.50 or Cost of Item (Greater of)
Returned Deposit Item (in office/ATM) $25.00
Western Union $15.00 or Cost (Greater of)
Wire Transfer Out (domestic) $15.00
Wire Transfer Out (international) $30.00
Audio Response Service / Online Service No Charge
American Express® Travelers Cheques $1.00 per $100
American Express® Gift Cheques (each) $1.50
Money Order (each) $1.00
Copy of Money Order (each) $2.00
Money Order Stop Payment Fee (per item) $10.00
Copy of an Account / VISA® Statement (per page) $2.00
Replacement VISA® Card $5.00
Copy of a VISA® Payment Item $10.00
Returned VISA® Payment Fee Up to $25.00
VISA® Late Payment Fee Up to $25.00
Loan Late Fee $25.00
Loan Research / Reconciliation Fee (per hour) $25.00
Duplicate Title Fee At Cost
Lein / Levy Garnishment / Writ Fee (per item) $75.00
Fee for Missing and Incorrect Name/SS#/TIN IRS fee
Express Delivery Fee (above 3rd party cost) $5.00
Incorrect Address Fee (per month) $5.00
Escheat Fee (per account) $50.00
Closed Account Fee (if within 90 days of creation) $5.00
VISA® Gift Card Purchase (per card) $2.50
Replacement VISA® Gift Card Fee $10.00
VISA® Gift Card Monthly Maintenance Fee
           (in thirteenth month of non-use)
Medallion Signature Guarantee (per item) $5.00
Stop Payment Fee (of official NBCU check) $25.00
Copy of Official NBCU Check $10.00
Excess Offical Check Withdrawal Fee (over 4 per month) $5.00
Account Research / Reconciliation Fee (per hour) $25.00
Inactivity Account Fee (per year) $10.00
Bill Pay Inactivity Fee
(When less than 3 bills deducted per month)
Dormant Account Fee (per month at 4 years) $10.00
Eye-Post Terms and Conditions Violation $5.00
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This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.
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